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Another Type Firm: Limited Liability Partnership-I

After talking over the partnership firm, in previous two articles Partnership Firm I  and  Partnership Firm – II . There is also another way of firm incorporation and that is through Limited Liability Partnership. Lets have a look at wiki definition : “A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership in which some or all...

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The Founding Stone : Partnerships – II

After a quick glance on the partnership in previous article : The Founding Stone : Partnerships – I  (If you missed just have a look over it till we pause further discussion)  Now expecting that you returned with a fair definition of Partnership, we can move further. A new Kind of partner : Partner by Holding...

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The Founding Stone : Partnerships – I

A partnership Act 1932 defines partnership as the relation between two or more person who have agreed to share profit and losses of a business carried on by all of them or any of them. acting on behalf of all Wiki Definition: Section 2 of the act defines, (a) an “act of a firm” means...